HOWTO: WebAssembly Source Maps to C/C++ with Firefox

  • How to set breakpoints and step through your original source files throughout the runtime execution of your WASM binary.
    Using Firefox Quantum Beta Developer Edition on Windows 10. (Doesn't work in Chome AFAICT at time of writing)
    Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, Emscripten 1.37.0, SDL2.0.6, and ANGLE-bf90b60.

    Youtube Video

  • @kyo You can comment on the YouTube

  • Thanks for sharing this topic! I've seen this video days ago, but the author doesn't mention anything about how to compile the c++ source to enable this feature? I try to view some open source projects with the latest firefox nightly browser, as mentioned in the video, but there's no Source Maps i.e. C++ code in the debugger?
    Could you please tell us more about how to compile ,and with what parameters and tools?
    Much appreciated!

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