WebAssembly & The Future of Blockchain Computing

  • Ethereum’s conception back in 2013 came as a major extension of blockchain technology as a decentralized settlement layer for p2p money into a trustless layer for execution of programs, opening up an entirely new world of applications and programmable money.

    Being heralded as a game changer for the Web and performant, cross- browser execution, WebAssembly is a standard being developed by the W3C group for an efficient, lightweight instruction set. This means we can compile different types of programming languages ranging from C/C++, Go, Rust, and more into a single standard that can be run almost natively in browsers as an alternative to JavaScript. WebAssembly, or WASM, for short, is memory-safe, platform independent, and maps well to all types of CPU architectures efficiently.

    Read the full article: https://medium.com/zkcapital/webassembly-the-future-of-blockchain-computing-1a0ae28f7e40

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