Writing a Frontend Web Framework with WebAssembly And Go

  • avaScript Frontend frameworks have undoubtedly helped to push the boundaries of what was previously possible in the context of a browser. Ever more complex applications have come out built on top of the likes of React, Angular and VueJS to name but a few and there’s the well known joke about how a new frontend framework seems to come out every day.

    However, this pace of development is exceptionally good news for developers around the world. With each new framework, we discover better ways of handling state, or rendering efficiently with things like the shadow DOM.

    The latest trend however, seems to be moving towards writing these frameworks in languages other than JavaScript and compiling them into WebAssembly. We’re starting to see major improvements in the way that JavaScript and WebAssembly communicates thanks to the likes of Lin Clark and we’ll undoubtedly see more major improvements as WebAssembly starts to become more prominent in our lives.

    Read the full article: https://hackernoon.com/writing-a-frontend-web-framework-with-webassembly-and-go-ff84cd1346fe

  • @admin Go is everwhere now.

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