WebAssembly Is Fast: A Real-World Benchmark of WebAssembly vs. ES6

  • When developing for the web, there have been plenty of times where I couldn’t bring my idea to fruition due to browser performance. Browsers do not run instructions directly like a compiled executable written in C. Browsers have to download, parse, interpret, and Just-In-Time (JIT) compile JavaScript (JS / ES6). I’ve built more than a handful of Cordova / Ionic, Electron, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to allow myself to have the portability and flexibility of the web, but I knew it was always at the sacrifice of performance; So the moment I heard the whispers of WebAssembly (Wasm), I knew I had to jump in on it.

    Read the article: https://medium.com/@torch2424/webassembly-is-fast-a-real-world-benchmark-of-webassembly-vs-es6-d85a23f8e193

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