Emscripten and npm

  • WebAssembly (wasm) is often framed as either a performance primitive or a way to run your existing C++ codebase on the web. With squoosh.app we wanted to show that there is at least a third perspective for wasm: making use of the huge ecosystems of other programming languages. With Emscripten you can use C/C++ code, Rust has wasm support built in and the Go team is working on it, too. I'm sure many other languages will follow.

    In these scenarios, wasm is not the centerpiece of your app, but rather a puzzle piece: yet another module. Your app already has JavaScript, CSS, image assets, a web-centric build system and maybe even a framework like React. How do you integrate WebAssembly into this setup? In this article we are going to work this out with C/C++ and Emscripten as an example.

    Read: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2019/01/emscripten-npm

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